The Medium Clock Puzzle Solution How To Enter Thomas Secret Room

The Medium is a psychological horror game developed by Bloober Team and is an Xbox exclusive. In the prologue at the end, you will get a call from Thomas telling you that he got all the answers you were looking for and asks you to trust him. He talks about the dream where you see a girl dying at the end near the lake. In the end, he asks for your help and needs you to meet a Niwa Resort.

In Niwa resort, once you reach Thomas’s office, he won’t be there. You need to solve a puzzle to enter the secret room. Below you will find the solution to the clock puzzle and how to enter Thomas’s secret hidden room.

The Medium Clock Puzzle Solution

First of all, you need to search the desk area in the office, where you will find a key to the floor pendulum clock. Go near the clock and open the front part of it so that you can now change the time.

The key to the clock will be beneath the flashlight. Pick up the flashlight too as it an important tool that will help you escape from the monster called Maw. Change the time to 4 o clock and you will find a spirit well on the top of the desk in the spirit world. Go near it and absorb the energy, then return back to the clock.

Now again change the time to 5 o clock and you will find an entrance to the secret room in the spirit world. Enter the secret room and you will use the spirit blast on the wall by interacting with it. That will produce some electricity that will activate a switch. The switch will be on the bookshelves in the real world, from where you entered the secret room in the spirit world.

Go back and in the real world interact with the bookshelves and use your insight by holding the LB button. Using this will show you the location of the switch that will be behind a photo frame.

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