The Medium Tie Clip Location, Feed The Cat & Develop Jack Photograph

The Medium is a psychological horror game developed by Bloober Team and is an Xbox exclusive. The game is also available on the Steam platform. It is a story narration puzzle solving game where you need to find some answers to the dream you see most of the time.

The Medium Famished Feline Feed The Cat

As the game starts, you will find yourself in the funeral home preparing for the final rites of your father Jack. You need to find a tie clip and necktie to finally prepare Jack for the funeral.

Once you reach the kitchen, you will find an empty cat bowl on the floor beside the door. You will find the can of food near the kitchen sink. Equip it and then use it on the bowl to pour the cat food. After that, the cat will come to eat it and you will unlock the famished feline achievement.

The Medium How To Develop Jack Photograph

Once you reach the darkroom where all the photos are kept, you will find an instruction on how to develop photos. Just in front of that, you will find the dips and the illuminating device. Pick up the photo and place it on the device just beside it for 5 seconds. The order is from right to left. Pick up the photo from the left and follow the above instruction while going towards the left.

The purple dip is the Multigrade, the blueish dip is the Stop, and the greenish one is the fixer. After following the above instruction successfully, you will develop the Jack photo that you have taken for the last time. Although you don’t get to unlock any achievement for it, you will still be able to keep it as a memo.

The Medium Tie Clip Location

Come out of the room where you start at the beginning of the game and go straight. On the left side, you will an open door that will be the Jack room. You can also find her pet cat sitting on the couch. As you enter the room on the left side you can see all the medals he achieved in his lifetime. On the table, you will find a small red box that you need to open by interacting. After that, you will find the tie clip.

Note: In the Morgue beside Jack’s body you will find the necktie with whom you need to combine tie clip and then interact with Jack’s body.

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