Hitman 3- Berlin Safe Code And How To Find And Get It

Hitman 3
Hitman 3 Germany, Berlin is one of the classic destinations for an assassination target, however, 5 of the best ICA Agents have gathered together to hunt you. Safe Keypad for Berlin is located in Hirschmuller’s office and the code for the safe can be easily missed if you don’t listen to the conversations of guards. Not only the code but entering the Hirschmuller’s office is pretty difficult if you have not disguised yourself and know the routes beforehand. In this guide we have mentioned all the important actions you need to perform in order to collect the content that is present inside the Safe box.

Berlin Safe Code And How To Find And Get It At Hitman 3

While eliminating the ICA Agents who are searching for you relentlessly, we have almost discovered most of the location. Once you have descended the Level, we come across many rooms that are restricted and can be accessed by specific Employees such as Staff Only or Tech Only. The safe code will be mentioned by the two Tech guys who are planning to rob their boss.

If you approach and listen to their conversation, they talk about the safe and code. The safe code mentioned by the Tech guys intersects at the year when the wall went down in Berlin. So, the code is 1989. Now, the safe is located inside the Hirschmuller’s office at the deepest Level where two biker guys will be on guard outside the Restricted Authorised Personnel doors.

Enter the office room where the safe box will be located behind the office chair. Enter the mentioned safe code to obtain the Gold Idol from the safe. We will update all the safe codes required for each map soon, currently, the contents which we have covered are mentioned below:

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