Hitman 3 Helicopter key & Helipad Location, How To Exit From Dubai

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is a stealth assassin game developed by IO Interactive. Each mission will have some target whom you need to eliminate and escape the area. In the first area Dubai, you need to eliminate two targets, Carl Ingram & Marcus Stuyvesant. After eliminating them, you need to escape the Burj-Al-Ghazali by using the parachute.

This is the most common escape that players can use, but there are other exit routes as well. These routes are Escape the Burj-Al-Ghazali via the penthouse elevator, escape via the atrium elevator, escape via staff elevator and escape by helicopter.

You need to have a particular disguise for each exit route to not get noticed after the assassination. Below you will find the details of one such escape route that is by helicopter.

Hitman 3 Helicopter Key Location

The key can be found on level 2 outside the area but will be a hostile area if you are not in disguise. The best disguise would be a penthouse guard. Else you can just get a normal guard or crew worker disguise to access this area.

Hitman 3 Helipad Location

Just beside the key, you will find a ladder that will lead to the level 3 helipad directly. There you will find a helicopter and a pilot beside it. You can subdue the pilot and take his disguise but that should be done in the end while exiting Dubai. Because with pilot disguise you won’t be able to access the penthouse area to eliminate your target.

Hitman 3 Up & Away Discovery

After eliminating the targets you need to exit through the helicopter to complete the Up & Away Discovery. You can pick up the key before eliminating the target that would make your escape easier. Make sure to remember your way back to the helipad or you might get lost. If you have done everything mentioned above, this discovery is easier to unlock.

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