Hitman 3 Acquire Admin Privileges In The Server Room Of Dubai

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is a stealth assassin game developed by IO Interactive. During the first mission in Dubai, Agent 47 gets some new intel on the mission story. To uncover the mission story, you need to interact with the terminal. Then have to visit the server room to uncover more information. The best way to infiltrate the server room and the staff room is by getting a Penthouse security guard disguise.

With this disguise, you will have access to all the areas including the secure penthouse where your target is located. Make sure to keep your distance from the enemies marked with a white dot. They can spot you through your disguise if you keep moving in front of them for too long.

Before reaching the server room, you will have to go through the storage room where you will find one cleaning guy doing his job. There you will find a table on which you will find the key to the maintenance door.

Hitman 3 How To Activate The Manual Override Procedure

Once you reach the server room interact with the terminal and you will be asked to activate the manual override. To do so, you need to pull one of the racks and sabotage the server. After that the guards will swarm the server room, so you need to leave the room as soon as possible. The best way is to use a lockpick to open the side maintenance door or use the key. Once you are out of the room, go a bit far and hide.

Hitman 3 How To Get Server Room Keycard

Upon finding no clue of the person sabotaging the server, the guards will leave the server room. Now you need to find the cleaning guy on the balcony. There will also be a female cleaner who will notice through your disguise if you are using a cleaner disguise. If you are in a penthouse guard disguise, she won’t be able to notice you. Subdue the male cleaner and dump the body inside the cabinet. On the floor, you will the keycard.

Hitman 3 How To Acquire Admin Privileges

After getting the keycard from the cleaner, again go inside the server room and this time you have to swipe the keycard. Upon swiping, you need to look for anything unusual inside the server room. This can be a little hard to find as you might have no idea what to look for.

You need to find the server rack in whose display the text is being shown in yellow as shown in the image above. Sabotaging that rack will let you have admin privileges to change the timing of the meeting. After that, you need to visit the penthouse and find the lounge to carry on the mission story.

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