Hitman 3 Case File Location & Keycode In Dartmoor Death In The Family

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is a stealth assassin game developed by IO Interactive. The key feature of the game is to assassinate different high profile characters using various different kind of tools or poison. Dartmoor Death In the Family is the second mission in Hitman 3 where you will visit the Carlisle family’s home where you need to eliminate a target and acquire some case files from a hidden safe. Below you will find the location of the hidden safe where the case files are located and the keycode of the safe.

Hitman 3 Case File Location

In the second mission in Hitman 3, your mission will be to eliminate Alexa Carlisle. Once you reach the main room of Alexa Carlisle’s Office, you will find 2-3 guards keeping eye on the surroundings. To access the case file location, you need to subdue these guards. Else if they see you opening the safe, the alarm will be triggered.

Once you have subdued all the guards in the room. Go to the chair shown in the image above and press the button which will move the portrait to open the location of the safe in which the case file is located.

After opening the portrait, go near and interact with the safe. You need to move the cursor to different numbers and then press E to confirm the numbers if you are playing with a keyboard. After entering the numbers, hover over to the ok button and press E. The passcode or keycode to safe is 1975.

These passcodes are scribbled in Alexa Carlisle’s office. You can find these numbers on the table or even scribbled on the wall. Once you have collected the case file, you need to eliminate Alexa Carlisle. If you have eliminated her before, leave the mansion to complete the mission. Else she will be visiting her office in a certain interval of time to her private room where you can hide and eliminate her.

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