Hitman 3- All Door Codes For Chongqing China End Of An Era

Hitman 3

Hitman 3, the infamous assassination carried by Agent 47 has chosen its destination to be China, Chongqing which can be unlocked sequentially after completing the mission Apex Predator. There are various discoverable objects and places but the paths are blocked, they all need keycodes and in Chongqing, there are multiple Levels and each Level has Apartments, Labs which are all accessible if you have the required code. For the End Of An Era, there are specifically 2 keycodes that will unlock all the doors and vaults which we have mentioned for each level.

All Door Codes For Chongqing China End Of An Era In Hitman 3

From the starting point, you can check that there are a total of 9 Levels including Level 0. To move one Level up or down, you may or may not require Keycodes, and luckily there are two keycodes that will be used throughout the mission. These Keycodes are mentioned below for each Level.

Level 0

  • Alleyway Container Door Keycode: 0118
  • Arcade Door Keycode: 2552

Level 1

  • Laundromat Door Keycode: 0118

Level 2

  • ICA Apartment Door Keycode: 0118

Level 4

  • Benchmark Lab Door Keycode: 2552

Level 5

  • Therapy Room Keycode: 2552
  • Hush Private Lab Door Keycode: 2552

0118 and 2552 are the two keycodes required to open the door. However, you can also use explosives to open the door but it is not recommended as you need to be sneaky and silent to complete the mission. They might not even know what hit them. Planning for the mission is crucial however discovering new locations and collecting objects might open new options and ways to approach your target and assassinate them. We will be uploading more guides and posts for Hitman 3, so keep on checking frequently for more new updates.

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