Raft- How To Catch, Feed And Grow Animals In Your Raft


Stranded in your Raft while exploring new islands and gathering resources with your friends or alone, you will need to build essential items for efficiency and necessity. As we open Tools Menu, we might see different types of tools that have been unlocked by researching it. You might need specific items and tools in order to catch the animals and place them in your raft to gather the resources. In this post, we will focus on catching and feeding the animals in order them to survive and not let them escape your farm.

How To Catch, Feed And Grow Animals In Your Raft

On Island, there will be various animals that might attack such as huge bird and a boar. However, there are animals that can be tamed such as Goat, Llama, and blue goose. Before you want to catch them, you will need to grow a “Grass Plot” where you will feed them grass. The most important part of growing the plot for the animals is to ensure that they do not roam out from their designated places. For that, you will have to enclose the area with the fences where you plan to grow Grass Plot and feed the animals.

To grow grass, one needs to make sure that it is supplied with water. It is recommended to make a Sprinkler near your grass plot unless you want to pour water manually all the time. Now we have a farm and we will need an animal. On the island, you will find animals that can be tamed as mentioned earlier. To catch them you will require a Net launcher and a bunch of Net Canister. For the net Canister, you will need these resources as mentioned below:

  • Explosive Powder: 1
  • Stone: 4
  • Rope: 4

Explosive Powder can be smelted if you have Explosive Goo which can be collected from the Poison Pufferfish. The fish can be found lingering near the island and sometimes you might miss them. One Pufferfish will give one Explosive Goo or two, so it is one of the rare resources which you can’t waste. Always try to craft a bunch of Net Canister, so you may not run out of it if you miss one or two of these. Rest is simple, catch the animals with the help of Net launcher and place them on your grass farm. For more guides on Raft, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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