Cyberpunk 2077- Beat On The Brat All Fight Attack Pattern Walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, one of the very few side Jobs which we have noticed from the beginning that might be stuck in your Job list will be “Beat On The Brat”. The first fistfight would be quite easy against the Twins as it would be your first brawl in the ring. After completing the Prologue we tried to complete all the “Beat On The Brat” jobs but failed terribly as the mission was quite dangerous without any Cyberware upgrade. In this post, we will go through all the single fight and their attack patterns which can be exploited in order to complete even if your Cyberware is not upgraded.

Beat On The Brat All Fight Attack Pattern Walkthrough For Cyberpunk 2077

There are a total of 5 fights including Kabuki Twins which you will have to complete in order to wrap up all the fistfight inside a ring. The first battle will be moderately tough in Kabuki where the twins who themselves refer to them as one will fight against you. Focusing and defeating one of the twins while using the counter and heavy attack will make the fight easy, whereas the rest of the fight will be quite challenging.

You will find that the difficulty will be high Very High. If you have initiated the fight claiming that they will fight like the twins then we know how it is. They are pretty agile and have a various set of moves that might be lethal if you are fighting without any info. The easiest way is to upgrade your perk related to melee skills and wait till you have appropriate Cyberwares and level to contest against these street brats.

Note: Recommended to equip Gorilla arms with damage mods

Beat On The Brat: The Glen

Cesor Diego Ruiz, owner of one of the classiest cars in Cyberpunk 2077. While talking he might seem like a fool but his physical prowess cannot be underestimated. To defeat him easily, make sure to create distance in order to let him come towards you. He will attack using a heavy punch which can be dodged easily by walking left and right. During the recovery time, you can deal heavy damage on his head and walk back in order to repeat the sequence.

Beat On The Brat: Arroyo

Make sure you have at least 8 points invested in Body in order to obtain the legendary sniper rifle. Once the fight starts against Buck Ronald, make sure you focus on hitting him using heavy attacks in close proximity in order to corner him. When he is cornered you can deal heavy damage easily and stop him from escaping. Once he escapes, he has two sets of combos that track your movement.

The first set of attacks will begin with a Punch followed by Kick and Punch that can be avoided easily by dodging back. Similarly, the second pattern of his attack will start with a Kick followed by 3 Punches where you need to dodge back in order to create distance. After defeating him, you will fight against his henchmen where you can focus on low-level enemies(with/without weapons) while attracting and focusing on them as you leave the ring.

Beat On The Brat: Rancho Coronado

After talking to the Animals Champion, you will have to defeat Rhino. Similar to Buck, she will push you in order to drain your Stamina and create space. Make sure you are straight-up hitting her with a heavy punch. She will try to attack you with a heavy punch which can be dodged easily. It is recommended to attempt fighting when you have a higher level as your melee damage can drain her life.

Beat On The Brat

The final fight against the champion Brawler Razor Hughes will be the toughest of all. He is way faster than any other Brawler and has a quick attack while he recovers. The size of the arena makes the fight more challenging. The best way to defeat him is to create distance as he will come towards you similar to Cesor. As he tries hitting you with Superman Punch, dodge and focus your 3-4 heavy punch on his body or face before backing off again.

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