Omori Controls How To Run, Tag, Confirm & Cancel Menus Guide


Omori is a surreal psychological horror role-playing game developed by OMOCAT, LLC. The game doesn’t give many tutorials about the controls in the early game, so the player might face some difficulty with interacting. The normal enter key is not the button with which you can start the game or go to the options menu. Rather the button to confirm is Z on the keyboard and B on the gamepad. The button to go back to the menu or cancel is X on the keyboard and A on the gamepad. Below you will find all the controls available in this game.

Omori Controls

To check out the controls, players can head over to the options menu. Then select the option by pressing the confirm button. The keyboard controls of Omori are:

  • Up – Arrow key Up
  • Down – Arrow key Down
  • Left – Arrow Key left
  • Right – Arrow Key Right
  • Confirm – Z
  • Cancel/Menu – X
  • Run – Shift
  • Tag – A
  • LB – Q
  • RB – W

The game controls of Omori are:

  • Up – Gamepad key Up
  • Down – Gamepad key Down
  • Left – Gamepad Key left
  • Right – Gamepad Key Right
  • Confirm – B
  • Cancel/Menu – A
  • Run – Y
  • Tag – X
  • LB – L
  • RB – R

You can change the running or walking options from the setting menu. Else you can use the Run button to dash your character.

Omori How To Get Out Of White Room

At the beginning of the game, you are stuck in the white room with no way out. You can move in the white blank space but will always come back to your room. After interacting with all the objects and moving a bit in the white space, you will hear the sound of something falling.

After that roam around a bit in the white space to find any item. If you didn’t find anything go back to the door and interact with it. Now you will get an option to open the door and go outside.

The second time you are stuck in white space after meeting with Basil, you have no way out except by dying. You might remember the knife you had picked up during the game, now is the time to use it. You can open the menu option and will get an option to stab yourself and then you will see a boy sleeping.

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