Omori how to get downstairs & defeat something, game over walkthrough


Omori is a surreal psychological horror role-playing game developed by OMOCAT, LLC. After you see the boy sleeping in his room, you need to give him a name or set the default name Sunny. Then interact with the phone to listen to the voicemail your mom had left you. Then you kind of feel hungry and before sleeping you need to have some food. But to get to the kitchen, you need to get downstairs and cross the dark hallway. The stairs seem long and scary for sunny and he refuses to go on. You can go to sleep but he will wake up in the middle of the night and feel hungry.

Now you can try going down the long stairs. The stairs seem long now and hands keep crawling out of nowhere and hold Sunny. As your emotion is afraid you won’t be able to attack something.

Omori How To Defeat Something

If you try to keep attacking Something, you will eventually lose and the game will get over. While attacking in the middle, Sunny will talk to himself “Take a deep breath…Don’t be afraid. It’s not as scary as you think. You steady yourself… and remember how to CALM DOWN.” Once you see this message, select fight, and choose a skill. There you will find Calm down skill and your emotion will go back to Neutral.

Once your emotion goes back to neutral, Sunny will realize it was all an illusion and only in his mind. Something was only scary as long as he was afraid. Once his emotion goes back to neutral, he will kind of realize the stairs were not that long and after that, you can go to the left side kitchen.

Omori How To Remove Hazy Screen After Eating Steak

There you will eat a steak and your stomach might feel weird. After that you need to go to the bathroom and interact with the commode, to remove the bad food. The bathroom will be located on the first floor, so that means you have to cross the stairs again. But don’t worry this time Sunny is not afraid and Something won’t show up. After throwing up food in the bathroom, head back over to the bedroom, and sleep on the bed.

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