Omori Emotions Chart Guide, How To Change Ally & Opponent Emotion


Omori is a surreal psychological horror role-playing game developed by OMOCAT, LLC. As the game has a role-playing feature, the characters have different stats and level up upon receiving experience. While roaming around the map, you will face different types of enemies. The stats of these enemies depends on their emotions. During the fights you can also use skills that could change your ally or opponent’s emotion. As the game only explains the emotions but doesn’t get into much detail on how to change them.

Omori Emotion Chart

Emotion plays an important part in the game as it plays in our life too. In this game, emotions determine how effective your attack gonna be. As you can see from the chart, Happy beats Angry, Angry beats Sad, and Sad beats Happy.

While changing emotion the stats of an ally or enemy also changes. The emotion of an enemy determines the reward after defeating them. The happy enemy will have chances of dropping higher items and clam. The angry enemy will give you more experience. Sad enemies don’t give any extra bonuses but are easier to defeat.

Note: Some of the skills also deal more damage or give better stats to the character during a certain emotion.

Omori How To Change Ally & Opponent Emotion

While fighting with the enemy in this game, you could choose up to four characters to attack. Each character has some kind of special skill that will change the emotion of either your teammates or opponent. After selecting the skill you could switch the target between enemy and ally by pressing the shift button. If you are playing from the console, look at the screen after selecting the skill to change the target.

For example, Omori could use the skill called sad poem at the starting of the game that can change a character’s emotion to sad. Using skills to change emotion require juice. The juice is basically like mana or chakra to use these skills.

Omori How To Change Skills

As you keep leveling up in this game, you will acquire different types of skills. You can enter the skills menu by pressing the X button on the keyboard or the A button on the gamepad. There you can swap out the skills that are not required and equip better skills as you level up.

Omori How To Defeat Something & Throw Steak-Out Of Stomach

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