Cyberpunk 2077- Delamain Destroy Or Reset Core All Choices Result

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 presents you with one of the side Jobs i.e. “Don’t Lose Your Mind” where you have to make a tough choice. Either you will have to reset the core or destroy it as Delamain has mentioned at the beginning that “virus in my core”. It is one of the side Jobs which will be quite fun as after collecting all the counterparts of Delamain’s emotions and personalities, they all are rejecting each other presence. Once you enter the Delamain HQ, you will understand what is happening and make your choice to either reset or destroy his core.

Delamain Destroy Or Reset Core All Choices Result In Cyberpunk 2077

Once you reach the Delamain HQ, you will need to find a way to breach or enter the HQ. Either way, you can enter via door or rooftop vent if you have specific Attribute points invested. Next, you will need to search the code in the office i.e. 1234 which will be mentioned in one of the messages displayed on the computer named “I’m Next“.

Skipping to the end where once you reach the control room and enter the door, Johnny will warn you not to risk everything and proceed on destroying its core as it can be a sentient being. The virus might have affected its core and end up getting an innocent kid killed. The choice might be quite dramatic but spoiler alert, this will not affect your main plot and still, you will be getting Delamain No. 21 as your personal vehicle from Delamain.

  • Reset Delamain’s Core and preserve it’s Integrity
  • Force personalities to merge with Delamain. (Int 10)

Resetting Delamain’s Core will reboot his memory to it’s factory setting which will result in leaving all the memories about you and past incidents. Though through the data archives you are still recognizable as the contractor who purged the virus. As a result of the preparation of the previous version, you will get the vehicle “Delamain No. 21”.

Forcing Delamain’s Core will let all the personalities merge into one identity. He will be enlightened and unrecognizable, however, his so-called son i.e. Delamain No. 21 will be quite an identical and direct being as his father Delamain. At this moment you will know that Delamain has perished.

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