Genshin Impact- Thaw All The Shards Out In The Mountains

Genshin Impact

A New Update of Genshin Impact has brought us new contents and so the mission “In The Mountains” is a World Quest that needs to be investigated to find the remaining shards that have fallen in Dragonspine. The first part of the shard should be already located since that will be under the main mission, the rest two shards are situated somewhere around Entombed City Outskirts and Starglow Cavern. In this post, we have explained how and what you need to do in order to complete the mission.

Thaw All The Shards Out In The Mountains At Genshin Impact

We have already started exploring Dragonspine and there would be a Frostbearing Tree that needs Crimson Agate to upgrade and bear rewards as it progresses to higher levels. The very first location you can go to find the shards would be at Entombed City Outskirts. Make sure you activate the Teleport Waypoint while you are at the location.

Genshin Impact

As shown in the image above, once you reach the location near Entombed City Outskirts, there would be a small puzzle guided by the Fire elemental spirit. Track the path of the Fire Spirit and make sure you activate the Ice Totem by following the same pattern as Fire Spirit. Once you activate the totem, you will need to complete the battle against Ruin Grader to break the floor and enter to collect all the resources and the Shard in Entombed City Outskirts. Make sure you melt the ice i.e. covered with snow to free another Fire Spirit to open the cage.

The third and final shard is located near the waypoint as marked in the image near Starglow Cavern. Fly down inside the cave and as you hit the bottom layer, you can start the challenge to defeat multiple enemies in a given limited time. After defeating them, you can break the ice to free the final shard. Make sure to collect all the resources which will be useful in the near future. If the enemies are stuck, try going to the Main Menu and reload back to fix it. For more guides on Genshin Impact, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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