Cyberpunk 2077- Dream On Hidden Door And All Choices Result

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, you will need to enter the Peralezes apartment and talk to Elizabeth. The job is quite simple and straight forward but the story plot and the choices you are given might seem sketchy and lead to different endings. In this post, we have presented the walkthrough and the choices given which might or might not change the result of your story.

Dream On Hidden Door And All Choices Result In Cyberpunk 2077

After entering Peralezes apartment, you will need to search for any clues about the Intruder. Scan the floor where the Intruder was seen and you will find the blood trail. Follow the trail which will lead you to the secret room next door. The secret door will be locked and can be opened forcibly if you have Body Level 7. Alternatively, if you don’t have Body level 7, you will go to the security room and access the computer to check the message where the access code will be mentioned. Input the code on another computer to open the door.

After entering the access code in another computer or force opening the door, you will follow the cable and find the Transceiver on the rooftop. Finally, you will get out of the apartment to find the transmission source. After a quick fight session where the van pulls up, jack in your plug to gather all the intel from the database which will reveal what’s wrong with them. All the choices will not matter up to now but after calling Elizabeth, things might change.

At Ramen shop, after a long conversation with Elizabeth, she will arrange a meeting with Jefferson and you have been warned not to involve him. Johnny will mention that “you could end up putting their lives at risk. Or not. Tough choice.” The conversation is too tense and this was quite suspicious as a wrong move can cost the soul of your employer.

However, once you talk to Jefferson there will be two choices whether not to add anything or speak up and reveal that they are brainwashed. The fact is both of the choices will lead you to the same result so there is not much of an option which can affect their life.

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