Cyberpunk 2077 I fought the law, Tell Peralez Truth or Not, And All Choices

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Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most awaited action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt RED. I fought the law quest is a quite big side quest where you will find a lot of choices. The choices don’t make much impact on the outcome. You also need to locate the entrance of the bar that will be hidden. Below is the walkthrough of the quest to help you complete the mission easily.

Cyberpunk 2077 I fought the law Guide

The quest starts with the Peralez couple handing you over a mission to find out the actual details of the death of Lucius Rhyne. They will ask you to find out the details from a brain dance. After examining the braindance, you have to call River Ward a police officer who tried to warn Lucius Rhyne.

After meeting with River Ward, you will try to find out about the Red Queen’s Race Bar. Ward will ask you to choose whom to visit the CI or Horv├íth boss. It doesn’t matter whomever you visit first. After visiting both of them, you will get the location of the bar and Ward will take you there. Once you visit the place, it will be heavily guarded by the Animals clan. You can fight them out but remember there are too many of them. You can also complete the mission stealthily.

Cyberpunk 2077 Locate The Bar

Once you reach the location of the bar, do not go from the main entrance. Go to the left side of the building and you will find a steel gate. You need to have 5 technical ability to open the door. Go from the backside and you have to face one enemy.

Take him down from the back and dump his body in the dumpster. Go inside and you will find two more enemies. Take them down stealthily and open the container in the middle to locate the entrance of the bar

Note: If you do not have the technical ability to open the gate, at the backside of the building there is an entrance to enter the warehouse.

Cyberpunk 2077 Optional Kill Animal Boss Or Not

If you have completed all the steps previously, you will reach this area without making altering the enemy. Here you will have an optional quest to kill the Animal boss or not. You can either interrogate the animal boss and kill him to get a legendary item. Else you can enter the room marked in the above image and use the BD.

After using the BD you will pass out and River Ward will rush inside to help you out. He won’t be welcomed so he had to flat-lined all the enemy. After that, both of you will check the footage in the office that Officer Han is also involved. You both get to interact with Officer Han where you first met with River ward, but he will tell you that’s how the city works.

After that, you ask River ward what he is gonna do? He will tell you that Holt murdered Rhyne and used police to cover up his ass and will talk about the details of the mission. You will have three option to choose from that are:

  • Sounds about right.
  • Got no proof.
  • Nah, wasn’t like that.

All three options lead to the same conclusion that River ward will take the matter to the Internal affairs department, he will ask you should he do it? If you say don’t do it, he will still be gonna do it. So you might encourage him and select the go-ahead option.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tell Peralez Truth Or Not

Once all this is over, you have to visit the Peralez penthouse to discuss the case with them. After interacting with them you will get three choices that are:

  • It was an accident. NCPD covered it up.
  • Holt’s behind it.
  • Rhyne was murdered by BD.

If you say NCPD covered it up the Peralezs will be calm and their mind will be at ease. Choosing Holt behind it will make Peralez suspicions about him true and they will tell you they have suspected him all along. If you tell, he is been murdered by the braindance, Jefferson will ask you who did it.

  • Holt
  • No Idea
  • Police

If you choose Holt, the dialogue will be the same as above as they suspected him all along. Choosing no idea will make Elizabeth warn her husband to stay careful. If you choose the police, V will say that the case is reopened which will put the Peralez minds at ease. After leaving the penthouse, the mission will be completed.

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