Cyberpunk 2077- Ghost Town Walkthrough With Panam

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077 we all have already spoiled that the new character who will be introduced can become V’s potential partner and has a chance to woo her romantically. The story is based on your choices and that all related to how you interact with Panam which will ultimately lead you to the goal of which you are reading this post. In this guide, we have explained the Main Mission “Ghost Town” walkthrough and how to have a conversation with Panam.

Ghost Town Walkthrough And All Choices With Panam In Cyberpunk 2077

After talking to Rogue she will provide you with a number who will assist you in your mission. You will simply call Panam and respond in any way you want as there will be no major effect that will have any impact on your potential future relationship. Choose any choices at the beginning when you meet her and after going to the Ghost Town to ambush Shiv, make sure you defeat all the enemies to obtain the car and merch.

She will then ask an additional favor to defeat Nash and his people. Accept the proposal and defeat the goons in order to return back to the Sunrise Motel and let her strike a deal. After that have a drink and celebrate, soon Panam will propose an offer to stay at the motel where you can initiate and get aggressive.

Panam will propose to stay in the Motel where you can choose to “Stay in one room” and reveal your intent behind staying in a room together. She will play cool and convince you to rest for today as there is more important work to do the next day. Follow and lie down on the separate bed, the Romance of V and Panam will happen in near future. Make sure to check the important dialogue you need to choose in order for the happy ending from the next post.

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