Cyberpunk 2077 Beat On The Brat Arroyo, How To Easily Defeat Guide

cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most awaited action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt RED. Each mission in cyberpunk has its own risk. If you find a mission risk is very high, you should keep the job for later. The risk of the job depends on the character level. Below you will find the guide to one such high risk job Beat On The Brat Arroyo.

Cyberpunk 2077 How To Beat Champion Of Arroyo

The champion of Arroyo will be Buck who has a titanium hand. You need a certain character level or atleast 25 street cred level to easily defeat him. If your level is lower and the mission risk shows very high, then I would probably suggest not to waste your eddies on fighting.

Once you reach level 25, the hand cyberware gorrila arms will be unlocked. Visit any ripperdock and install the gorrila arms. You can use these arms to fight enemies and it drastically increases your punch damages. If you have don’t have enough eddies to buy the cyberware, you can check out our unlimited money guide.

While talking with Buck, if your body level is 10, you can ask him about the sniper rifle. He will tell you how that rifle is a limited edition and only 300 such rifle has been made. You can tell him then to bet the sniper rifle for 12,000 eddies. You need to have these much eddies on you to accept the deal with sniper rifle, if you don’t you can try out the unlimited money glitch.

With gorrila arms you can easily defeat Buck, you just need to dodge his attack and lands a power blow to the head each time he rushes to attack. Once you defeat him, you will ask abou the rifle, to which he will say over his dead body. Once again you need to defeat Buck, but this time you can use guns.

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