Cyberpunk 2077- How To Input Sequence Correctly While Breach Protocol

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, if we have completed all the tutorials then we have come across the Input Sequence where the numbers or the codes need to be selected and inserted in the correct sequence. At the tutorial, we completed it as we were spoon-fed and never even wondered how it works but later we require it almost in every hacking section plus the timer countdown makes it worse. However, if you failed the sequence, you can again hack the terminal and input it at least you get it right. It might cost you your time, so in this guide, we simplify the process and how it works.

How To Input Sequence Correctly While Breach Protocol In Cyberpunk 2077

There are multiple rows and columns depending on the complexity. The Buffer we require as shown in the image above might be 4 and more or less. The focus you need in these types of Sequence Input for Breach Protocol is that you will have 4 chances i.e. shown in Buffer. The first number you can input is from the Row as shown in the image and then it will change it to Column where after selecting the number will go to that numeral specific Row and so on.

Cyberpunk 2077

About Buffer, sometimes you may find that the first number is not placed in the first Row so for example you need to enter 1C 1C 55 and you have selected 55 first then still you can input 1C below and 1C on the left and 55 on the bottom. The error window you have in this quick hacking will be 1, so it will not affect much even if you error in the mid unless you are still able to input the specific desired sequence.

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