Cyberpunk 2077- Evelyn Or Dex All Choices Result For Betraying

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, while in Act 1 or say in the prologue everything was sailing smooth. Doing simple straightforward jobs and understanding the way people live. However, once you go to the lounge where you will have to meet Evelyn, she will give you an offer to cut deal with her 50-50 shared profits and betray Dex. This is the very first option after the braindance session where you will need to stop and use your brain to select whether to decline or accept. In this post, we have mentioned what will be the choices that will result if you have selected a different option.

Evelyn Or Dex All Choices Result For Betraying In Cyberpunk 2077

Once she has offered you the choices, you might wait and think however any of these choices which are mentioned below:

  • I’ll think about it.
  • No way. Dex trusts me.

Either of these choices will lead you to obtain her number in case if you change your mind. There is no immediate so-called Betrayal but once you go back to Dex and he inquires about Evelyn, you will have the chance to rat her out. There is a small difference in dialogues but if you have completed the quest and want to know what happens then you must know that it is still in Prologue and the decision made here will not affect much throughout the play.

You might get a better deal if you rat Evelyn out and Dex will offer you 40% instead of 35% (in case if you don’t rat out). However Major Spoiler Alert: You will still be getting shot by Dex and not get a single Eddie out as he will be dead soon before you cope up. As Evelyn will still be alive it will not affect much later.

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