Cyberpunk 2077- How To Reset Perks, Attributes, And Respec Points

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077 there are attributes and perks related to the skills and abilities which we have initially started upgrading as soon as we gain Experience Level which rewards us Attribute and Perk Points. We must have invested points on the perks which we hardly ever use or come in handy during combats. Like other games, you will be able to respec skill points or reset the Perks and Attributes in order to assign them again according to your game style.

How To Reset Perks, Attributes, And Respec Points In Cyberpunk 2077

The very first thing you need to know that there is no way currently that you can respec Attribute Points however, Perks can be reset into their original state and you can start investing points according to your choice. You might know that Attributes play an important role in such as knocking down heavy enemies, looting cars, or tech-related. Once you have assigned the Attributes, you cannot reset it so if you have focused all your Points on Cool, Intelligence, or Body. Make sure that you either keep those points unless you need them before major missions as you can increase it any time.

To reset or respec Perks, you will need to obtain a specific item called Tabula E-Rasa. This item is sold for 100,000 Eddies in Watson Northside by a Ripperdoc named Cassius Ryder to whom we must come across during the mission Gig. Apart from him mostly all the Ripperdoc has Tabula E-Rasa in their Trade section. As we have seen there are multiple perks and the amount of Perk Points we gain is slow depending on the level we increase of such skills, so using the item to respec is common as often we choose perks that we don’t even use or take advantage of. Perk Points can be earned more efficiently if you keep on using skills such as Blade, Handgun, Assault, etc., and leveling it up in order to grab Progress rewards shown on the left bottom screen in your Perk screens.

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