Cyberpunk 2077- Overheat Damage And How To Stop Taking It

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, the first Overheat damage that we have encountered was while completing the Pickup mission after killing Royce during escaping the Foods. Overheat damage is experienced due to other netrunners who hack your cyberware and the artificial implants. As you can hack enemies and objects, they also have the ability to hack your system but there is a simple way which you can avoid it in the long run as it keeps getting annoying when you are surrounded by enemies, and one after another there is Overheating attempts.

Overheat Damage And How To Stop Taking It In Cyberpunk 2077

To stop getting hacked and experiencing dot damage via Overheating, you will need to invest your Attribute Points and Perk Points specifically. In Intelligence, you will need to invest 5 points at least in order to unlock the perk associated with quick hacking. Unlock I-Spy which will notify you which netrunners are attempting to hack your circuits. Once they have initiated the hack, you can hide or move out of their field of vision to prevent them, or start eliminating them before the hack is even completed.

Make sure that the cameras are also disabled or destroyed in order to avoid getting spotted. There is a perk in an attribute called Mass Vulnerability: Resistances in Breach Protocol under Intelligence that resist 30% of breaches on your network. Though 30% is quite less but it works a charm when you are under fight against a mob of enemies and there are multiple attempts of hacking in a line. Even  Almost In passive perk is useful which increases the time taken for a breach in your neural network that provides you plenty of time to detect and eliminate the enemy responsible for Overheat hack initiation.

These can be unlocked easily at the start of the game but as you might know, the Attribute Points and Perk Points are quite scarce while the attributes, as well as perks, are plenty. Body, Reflex, Cool, and Technical Ability are all important though according to your game style whether based on hacking, stealth, or run and gun, the Attribute points are invested. Folks playing hacking style will eventually get hands-on with these perks but initially I-Spy and Almost In need to be unlocked if you want to minimize or avoid taking Overheat damage at least.

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