Cyberpunk 2077 – Jackie Remains All Choices Result In Heist Job

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, Jackie was one of the characters who accompanied you from the beginning and your partner in crime during every main mission in the Prologue. The prep we have been doing for the biggest Arasaka Heist Job was entertaining and fun but it all comes to an end after the Heist where we realized that Jackie was hurt and he had the least or no chance of survival. While riding Delamain, you will need to get rid of the droids where the heartbreaking choices need to be made. There is no other way to save Jackie as he was hurt during the jump which was out of your control and the only choice that depends will be where to send his remains.

Jackie Remains All Choices Result In Heist Job For Cyberpunk 2077

When Jackie Welles gives you the chip, he was already at the limit and after his death, you will reach the Apartment where Dex would be waiting for you. Without spoiling the storyline, there would be three main choices which will be provided to you when Delamain, the car’s AI responds to Jackie’s remain in the backseat:

  • Nowhere. Wait for me here.
  • Take him home, to his family.
  • Take him to Vik Vektor’s clinic.
  • Just… give me a minute.

Selecting the very first choice is not optimal as you might already know what will happen as you enter the apartment. The final choice will not affect much as it is an optional dialogue that will not change but simply delay the situation.

Take Him Home, To His Family

The Second Choice where you choose to “Take him home, to his family” will be the best option among any of these as Mama Welles will get the chance to bury his loving son. During the side mission “Heroes” you will eventually meet her and talk about Jackie where Mama Welles has prepared Ofrenda. She will hand over his bike’s key so you are not missing it on his bike whether you choose any of the major choices.

Take Him To Vik Vektor’s Clinic

Once you send the remains of Jackie to Vik Vektor’s clinic as you might think he will know what to do. As you send the remains to Vik Vektor’s clinic the Arasaka’s goon will storm in and take away his remains. Later Mama Welles will call distressed as she didn’t get the opportunity for a proper burial but send you a package containing the key for Jackie’s bike.

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