Assassin Creed Valhalla- Anomaly Puzzle Solution At Lincolnscire

Assassin Creed Valhalla

In Assassin Creed Valhalla, the Ruins of Basilica at Lincolnscire contains a rather peculiar and tough Animus Anomaly which was similar to the previous Ravensthorpe Anomaly but with more complex structures and puzzles. This puzzle might require you to have a basic knowledge of how to complete the Anomaly which we have explained in a previous post, so make sure you check it out if you have skipped the Ravensthorpe Anomaly puzzle. Let’s dig in quickly to the point and efficiently complete the Anomaly in order to continue your exploration and the story.

Anomaly Puzzle Solution At Lincolnscire In Assassin Creed Valhalla

As soon as you start the Anomaly, run towards Projector which will be emitting light on the block, and focus it on the Reflector present on the right. Skipping the first Reflector, the second Reflector needs to be Interacted with to focus the beam on the triangle-shaped Reflector.

Now there are two sets of beams, follow the left beam and climb up the structure to Interact with the Reflector and focus it on the Unstable Structure just below where the right Reflector is located to make a stepping platform. Climb that platform to reach the right side of the Reflector where Beam is focused and make a path next to it by focusing on the Unstable Structure.

Jump and dodge the Hazards to make it through all the way to the unfocused Reflector. Now Interact and point it straight on the highest Unstable Structure and run back to the previous Reflector. Interact with the Reflector to focus the beam on Unstable Structure to the right block. Climb down and run all the way back to the left Projector to focus it on the adjusted Reflector beside Hazard.

After focusing on the left side of the Reflector which will focus the beam on the upper right of the Block, make your way on the ground and climb the ruins to make it to the top where the Fragment of  Ancient memory is situated.

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