Immortals Fenyx Rising clashing rock north east epic chest walkthrough

Immortal Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Quebec. You can change your character’s appearance in-game by changing their gears. Different gears provide different types of stats boost to your character. To get better gears, you need to open the epic chests available in the game. To open these chests, either you need to defeat monsters or complete a puzzle. Below you will find a walkthrough to one such epic chest that you can find on the northeast side of the first island clashing rocks

Immortals Fenyx Rising Epic Chest Walkthrough

The area marked in the above image contains an epic chest and a small lyre. To open this epic chest, you need to activate four switches. The first switch will be on the front side of the door and the easiest one to activate.

The second switch will be on the left side of the building. You will also find a statue there. The door to the second switch will be locked with a red barrier. Above the red barrier, you can find a shabby wall that can be broken with a hammer. Break the wall and you will find a shooting switch that you need to hit with an arrow. As soon as you hit the switch, the red barrier will disappear and you can activate the second switch.

The third switch is located at the backside of the building and to activate it you need to place a small rock on the switch. Once you place the rock the red barrier will disappear and you have to go inside the cage. Inside the cage, there will be a hole on the floor where you need to drop down. Once you drop down, you will find a puddle of water where you can dive. Go under the water and you will find a way to reach the third switch.

The fourth switch will be on the right side of the building. There you will find a cave and inside it will be a cage. Inside the cage, there will be a button on the floor. Beside the button, there will be a box that you can pull and place on the button. Once you activate that button the pillar on the tree will be activated. Come outside the cage and light up the pillar with a fire arrow to unlock the way to the final switch.

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