Immortals Fenyx Rising Light Up Incense Stick, proper sendoff quest guide

Immortal Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Quebec. The game features the story of a mortal who will help the greek gods defeat the monster typhoon. You will find various main and side quests during your journey. While most of the quests are not so tough to complete, you might get stuck in one side quest. There is a trick to complete the side quest and without doing it, you won’t be able to complete the side quest. You need to complete the bow Myth challenge to complete the side quest “A Proper Sendoff” which is a hidden quest.

Immortal Fenyx Rising Light Up Incense Stick

After starting the game in the main island “Clashing Rocks”, you will get a side quest called proper sendoff. In this quest, you need to find three items to give up for an offering to the fallen soldier. The first item will be a wine vase, the second item will be a shield inside the locked room. You can open this room by stacking small rocks on the switch.

The third item will be a ribbon. All three items are on the different cliffs that you need to climb and collect. Once you finish collecting all three items, head back to the location where you need to send off the fallen soldier.

Near the sendoff place, you will find a Myth Challenge, if you haven’t completed the challenge, you will get the final quest to Light up the incense stick. You need to complete the Myth challenge to find this side quest.

Note: You might not have sufficient mana to fully cover the distance of the arrow. You need to use your stamina potion or blue mushrooms to increase your stamina while controlling the arrow. Using this method, you can complete the Myth challenge and light up the Incense stick to complete the side quest.

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