Watch Dogs Legion westminister propaganda spiderbot guide walkthrough

watch dogs legion

Watch Dogs legion is the third part of the franchise of watchdogs which is an action-adventure open world multiplayer co-op game developed by Ubisoft Toronto. In the Albion propaganda mission, you need to find a console that you need to hack to replace the ads of Albion to Dedsec and build resistance. Below you find a way to reach the console using spider bot and cargo drone.

Watch Dogs Legion Westminister Propaganda

The name of the missions is Albion Propaganda, where you need to weaken the Albion forces by hacking into the consoles. In the area of  Westminister, you will find two such missions. Both of the missions are located on the rooftop, so you will require a construction worker who can summon a cargo drone. Else you need to find a cargo drone nearby and fly up to the roof.

Out of two of them, one of them is quite simple all you need to do is fly up towards the console and interact with it and the mission will be completed.

Watch Dogs Legion Albenion Propaganda Spiderbot Guide

In this mission of Albion propaganda, you need to control a spider bot. The spider bot will be inside the black steel cage. You need to look inside and there will be a box with which you will be able to interact from outside the cage.

After interacting with the box, a spider bot will come out of it that you need to hack. After hacking the spider bot, go inside the vent and you will come out of the other side. There you will find a lot of boxes and climbing over them will be impossible. All you need to do is find a small carton box lying around that can be pushed by the spider bot. Just dash on to those boxes and you will be able to move them.

Bring those small carton boxes close to the big boxes, then climb on to the small box them jump across the big box. On the other side, you will find a similar vent, go inside it and the other side you will find a console. Interact with it to complete the mission.

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