Watch Dogs Legion Photograph Evidence How To Use Phone Camera

watch dogs legion

Watch Dogs legion is the third part of the franchise of watchdogs which is an action-adventure open world multiplayer co-op game developed by Ubisoft Toronto. In this game, you need to weaken the Albion and ctos forces by completing missions located across the maps. By doing so you are liberating the people of that area from the cruelty of Albion and ctos. Below you will find to complete a type of mission called photograph evidence.

Watch Dogs Legion Photograph Evidence

Photograph evidence quests are present all over the map with a red camera icon. You need to visit these places, take out your camera, and click evidence of the pictures. It will help bring down Albion and increase your resistance.

Most of these places will be guarded and you need to infiltrate inside. You can either storm in shooting enemies down or stealthily take them down one by one. Once you are inside, you need to open bring out your camera and take pictures of the evidence. Once you are done the mission will be completed and defiance will increase.

Watch Dogs Legion How To Use Phone Camera

To capture the photograph evidence, you need to bring out your phone. If you are playing on the console you can you need to bring out the ability wheel by pressing the right D-pad and then press Square.

If you are playing from the keyboard the default button to bring out your ability wheel is X and then press number 9 to bring out your camera. Once you take out the camera, zoom in for the perfect angle, and click a full picture of the photo evidence to complete the mission.

Note: There is another way to click picture which is using the news drone. Well, it’s not easy to find a news drone nearby all the time.

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