Watch Dogs Legion Permadeath Feature & What Does It Mean?

watch dogs legion

Watch Dogs legion is the third part of the franchise of watchdogs which is an action-adventure open world multiplayer co-op game developed by Ubisoft Toronto. The multiplayer feature has already been showcased and will be coming on the next big update.

In this game, you need to rebuild the Dedsec from scratch to fight the Albion and ctos. You can recruit up to 45 characters in this open-world sandbox game. There is no main character and you are free to choose any characters from the ones you recruited.

Before recruiting a character you can profile them to check up on their background and skill set. Hire unique operatives with the different skill sets and get access to restricted areas.

Watch Dogs Legion Permadeath Feature

The permadeath feature in this game means that your operative will die permanently if they take any lethal damage. While completing a mission, if the operative gets shots or die from any reason, he will be removed from the game. If your operative dies, you can again hire some new ones, but before you can recruit an operative, you need to complete a certain mission from them. Once the mission is completed they will join Dedsec and you can play them as the main character.

You can turn off this feature by going into game settings and then the gameplay menu. But remember once you turn it off, you cant turn it on again. Having the permadeath feature brings more challenge to the game. You can keep this feature on and if you don’t like it later it can be turned off.

We still don’t know yet the deceased operative family members do have grudges on Dedsec or not? But we did hit an NPC with our car and later on had trouble recruiting them.

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