Watch Dogs Legion Hitman & Spy Location How Find & To Recruit Them?

watch dogs legion

Watch Dogs legion is the third part of the franchise of watchdogs which is an action-adventure open world multiplayer co-op game developed by Ubisoft Toronto. In this game, you can recruit various different types of the operative to join Dedsec. Some of the best operatives you can find are hitman, spy & assassin that will be added later. In this post below, you will find a different ways to recruit hitman and the spy operative.

Watch Dogs Legion Hitman Location

There are two ways to get a hitman operative on your team. The first one is to clear the area of Nine Elms. You need to make the Nine Elms Defiant by clearing all the red icon mission of that area. Once the area is cleared you will get a new mission. Upon completing that mission, you will get the hitman operative to recruit as a reward.

The second way is to find a hitman on the streets of Nine Elms. Finding a hitman can be really tough as there is no specific building or location allocated to them like construction workers or spy. But according to players, there is a location where you might find a hitman and that is the alleyway next to Club Fantasy. To reach club fantasy, you need to head to the Brewer Street station and then cross the road. On the map, you can also find the Brewer Street fast travel option. Check the location on different timing of the day or night to find the hitman.

Watch Dogs Legion Spy Location

There are two ways to get the spy operative in this game similar to the hitman. The first way is to free the Westminister area. You need to make the borough area defiant by completing all the red and black icon missions. Once you complete all the missions and free the people in that area, you will get a special mission that you need to complete. After completing the mission you will get the spy operative as a reward.

The second way is to find a spy in the city. The common place to find a spy is to visit the MI-6 building that is located on the Lambeth on the west side near the river.

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