Genshin Impact- Pyro Regisvine Weakness And Attack Patterns

Genshin Impact

One of the Elite Boss i.e. Pyro Regisvine in Genshin Impact is an obvious Pyro user Boss that is quite tough just for its high-skilled Eruption attack that is a Fire Eruption attack that deal huge damage. As the Boss is a Pyro user, you can debuff it with Hydro Characters and perform Elemental Combo by switching the characters. However, there is a weakness of this mighty Raging Fireflower which can be exploited during the battle and end the fight pretty quickly and efficiently. in this guide, we have mentioned all of Pyro Regisvine attack patterns which will be helpful during the attempts to identify and dodge incoming attacks.

Pyro Regisvine Weakness And Attack Patterns In Genshin Impact

First, its location is mentioned as per the image shown below. Pyro Regisvine is located in the Liyue Region, near Cuijue Slope. The Elite Boss will be found inside the cave, enter the platform to initiate the battle, and dodge all the incoming projectiles. There are multiple attack patterns but the most common types of attack you will encounter will be the projectiles if you are maintaining distance.

Genshin Impact

The Attack Patterns are mentioned below:

  • The Charged Pyro Shot
  • Multiple Pyro Volleys
  • Multiple Pyro Homing Projectile (Slow)
  • Ground Pound (3x)
  • Spin Attack
  • Fire Eruption

These are general Attack pattern which is mentioned will be useful while encountering Pyro Regisvine. The weakness of this particular Fireflower is that there will be a Crystal formed either on the head or in his stem. That Crystal has its own small HP bar, deplete it to stun the Fireflower, and dish out Elemental Combo with Hydro Characters such as Electro-Charged for high damage.

The Crystal that spawns on the head of the Fireflower, you can deal damage when it uses stomps from close or focus charged attack from the distance. Whatever the situation is, make sure you break the Crystal each time it recovers and then you will defeat the Elite Boss in no time. For more guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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