Genshin Impact How To Reach The Highest Point, Climb Floating Land

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. Two parts of the map is currently unlocked but those are also huge and you will find a lot of stuffs while exploring. Apart from completing quest, you need to find other collectibles as well.

There are multiple treasure chest location around the map and inside it you will find a lot of resources. You can also take some breath taking pictures in the photo mode. You can visit the highes point in the map to get the best view around the map. Set the time to dusk or dawn to get the best scenery.

Genshin Impact Highest Point

The highest point in the Genshin Impact as of now will be Qingyun Peak. There is a floating land you can find above the peak. On the floating island you will get there precious chest and inside it will be a lot of items. You need to complete a puzzle to activate the way to this floating rock. The view from there is mesmerizing and you can also click a lot of cool pictures.

Genshin Impact How To Reach The Floating Island?

On the top of Qingyun peak, you will find a staute and a note with it. In the note it has been mentioned that “The one who may ascend is the one who kowtows atop the three mountains. The sun, moon and stars shall each shine, and auspicious signs shall be sent by the three divine birds.”

Here you need to look around for three other peaks. You can see a flashing of light on those peaks. You need to visit there and find bird statue which you need to rotate in the directio of Qingyun peak.

Once you have rotated all three bird statue in the peak direction, go back to the peak and you will find wind current blowing upwards. Fly upwards to find floating rocks leading to the floating island.

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