Raft Emergency Bridge Launch Tangaroa Code & How To Get It?


Raft is a co-op adventure game on the ocean developed by Redbeet Interactive. Currently, the game is in early access and only two chapters are out yet. Still, there are loads of content you can get out of these two chapters, build your dream boat and explore different islands.

Raft How To Find Tangaroa Code

Once you get the note with four street lanes and some logo. You need to find that street exploring the city and near that will be the shop with the logo. In that shop, you will find a number. You need to find and remember all four numbers to enter the code to get the final note

The street names can be found on the road signs that are all installed on the pavement. On the buildings, you will find the logo drawing, and just above the entrance of the main door, you will find the number. These small puzzles make the game more interesting. At the bottom of the page, you will find the launch code.

Raft Emergency Bridge Launch Code

To unlock the door and go through the big tower, you need to enter the emergency bridge code. You need to go to the last page of your journal to find the note with the street name and image.

You need to find the street name and the logo around the city. Once you find all the codes. Go to the second floor of the tower and you will find a keypad with an emergency bridge launch written on it. You need to enter the code and the top part of the tower will be launched into the sea nearby.

You need to visit that part by going out of the dome. There you will find a blueprint for the water tank and location code for the next island which is “Varuna Point” and will be coming on the chapter 3 update.

The four street lanes are:

  • Tranquil Street
  • Exterio Lane
  • Bazaar Street
  • Partisan Road

Note: The launch code is 4813.

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