Raft Zipline Parts Location In Caravan Town & How To Get Them?

RaftRaft is an adventure game co-op game that can be played with four other friends developed by Redbeet Interactive. If you have played chapter 1, you must be really excited about the new update of chapter 2.

At the end of chapter 1, you get the code of caravan island that you can find in your journal but the game required an update. Finally, the update is here and you can input the code of caravan town on the computer. Then find the blue marker on the screen and sail there.

In the caravan town, you will find a lot of items, resources, and codes to Tangaroa island. In this post of Raft, I will show you how to find the three zipline parts and metal detector blueprints.

Raft Zipline Parts Location

Once you reach the caravan town, while exploring a bit, you will find a well and a few pipes coming from above. You could rotate the nozzle of the pipe. At the top where all the pipe is connected, you will find a hand pump. By using the hand pump you need to send water through the pipes into the well. Once the well is filled, you can collect the first zip line part.

The second zip line can be found underwater. You need to find a bicycle with a pipe going all the way down deep underwater. You need to go deep under the water to find the second zipline part. Keep following the pipe and if your oxygen is going to run out, find spores of bubbles. Go there and you can refill your oxygen. Then keep following the pipe till you reach deep underground and unlock the achievement “Exploring the depths” and find a blue container. Inside it will be the second zipline part.

For the third zip line part, you need to find your way to the top of the island and find the rocket. You need to light up the rocket in order to find the third zip line part. To light up the rocket you need explosive powder. If you don’t have explosive powder, you can just kill a pufferfish, get explosive goo and cook them in the furnace. Once you light up the rocket, check in which direction it is going. Look below to find two small floating islands. Climb to the big one to find the final zipline part.

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