Raft Battery Charger, Metal Detector & Titanium Ingot Guide, How To Get?


Raft is a co-op adventure game on the ocean developed by Redbeet Interactive. In the new update of chapter two there are various new items have been added. New islands to explore and more things to build and make your raft better. One of the main item that everyone was looking upto was the battery charger. Below you will find a breif guide on battery charger, how to get metal detector and titanium ingot.

Raft Battery Charger

To get the blueprint for the battery charger you need to complete all the quest and collect all notes in Caravan town and Tangora Island. Once the battery charger is showing on your research table, you will need a few items to research it. After that it will be available to craft anytime you want.

To research the battery charger the main resource requried is the titanium ingot. To craft the battery chrager you will need plastic, scrap, circuit board and titanium ingot. It takes bio fuel as a resource to charge the batteries and could charge two batteries at a time. Once the battery is charged you can see the orange light turns into green. You can also conenct the battery charger to a bio fuel tank and then connect them with pipes.

Raft Metal Detector Blueprint

You will find the metal detector blueprint in the caravan town. While trying to find the second zipline part, you need to go deep underground till you find a blue container. Inside the container will be the blueprint of the metal detector. A metal detector is used to find treasure hidden in different islands.

Check out our previous post on how to find the zipline parts and their location.

Raft Titanium Ingot

Hold the left click to activate the metal detector and look the the lights on it. Once the led light is fully maxed out, hit the ground with a shovel and you can find items like Tiki pieces, developer paintings and titanium ore.

Once you have got the titanium ore, go back to your boat and put the ore in the furnance. After that you will get the titanium ingot whihc you can put in the research table to unlock new items.

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