Genshin Impact- Geovishap Hatchling All 10 Location

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Geovishap Hatchling is a small nimble lizard hatchling who deals good close combat damage. They are a total of 10 Geovishap Hatchling all existing solo throughout the specific area of the map.

Geovishap Hatchling All 10 Location For Genshin Impact

As mentioned these Geovishap hatchlings are close combatants and deals a pretty good amount of damage, though they can be countered pretty easily. You can pick up the yellow crystal that provides you a shield that returns or deflect damage to Hatchling and paralyze them for a moment by the recoil. These are the 10 locations mentioned below to hunt them down for mainly Fragile Bone Shard with reference to the image.

Teleport to Minlin, Liyue where you will find the Geovishap Hatchling lingering around nearby
Genshin Impact
In Dihua Marsh near the Coastal area
Geovishap Hatchling
Near Stone Gate
Genshin Impact
Near Mt. Tianheng Teleport Waypoint
Genshin Impact
One Of The Island In Guyun Stone Forest
Genshin Impact
2 Of Them Near The Teleport Waypoint Of Tianqiu Valley Minlin, Liyue
2 Geovishap
Bottom of Mt. Aozang inside the cave
Genshin Impact
In Huaguang Stone Forest
Geovishap Hatchling 8
Teleport Waypoint To Bishui Plain, Liyue
Genshin Impact

These are the locations of Geovishap Hatchling which you can either navigate with the help of your Liyue Adventurer’s Handbook from Bosses section or refer through the exact location from these given maps above. Fragile Bone Shard is used to overcome the cap limit or ascend your character level to 20+ which makes it an absolute necessary item for all the players. For more guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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