Genshin Impact- Oceanid Elite Boss Attack Pattern And Ways To Defeat

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact there are Elite Bosses that are marked in your map and Oceanid is one of the Hydro Elemental Bosses as the name suggests. What makes the battle more intense and uniques is that the Boss summons a variety of Hydro animals to attack and defeat you instead of attacking you straight forward. These animals are quite annoying and as you stretch the battle duration against the summons, the Oceanid will pull Water whirlpool under your feet. In this guide, we have explained all the attack patterns and ways to defeat them.

Oceanid Elite Boss Attack Pattern And Ways To Defeat At Genshin Impact

Oceanid is a summonner who can summon various animal spirit to deal Hydro damage. To top it off, you cannot stall the summoned animal for long but they are not as annoying if you have studied their attack pattern. There is a total of 8 sets of summoning animals which Oceanid can summon and she will attack total of 5 times. So her summons are random but all those Hydro animals attack pattern remains same as mentioned below:

  • Blue Jay: It has two types of attack i.e. small leap and giant leap similar to as the Frog. You can use your ranged character at full potential against Blue Jay. Make sure to dodge the attacks perfectly and after Blue Jay is defeated, it will deal explosive damage after death similar to as the Frog.
  • Boars: They charge at straight line when you are at close proximity. You can dodge them easily but focus on one Boar at a time as they have passive healing.
  • Crabs: They shoot small bubbles out of its mouth and has a same movement speed as yours while strafing. If you want to dodge its bubble run backwards and once the crab has stopped their movement, you can dish heavy damage out.
  • Cranes: They shoot a straight wave of water on the ground which is easy to dodge. You cannot close the distance because they will leap backwards, so instead of closing distance make sure you have a ranged character to damage them safely.
  • Ducks: They have the same movement speed as your character and they constantly chase you. They deal AOE DOT, so constant running and dealing damage is the only option. To make the fight more easy, pick Summoning character such as Fischl.
  • Frog: It has two types of attack, one is similar to as Crane that shoot straight wave of water on the ground. The Frog will leap high and deal a heavy body smash on the ground which is his second attack pattern. Both of the attacks are dodgeable when timed correctly. After defeating him, it will turn into a compact water ball that deals huge explosion damage at larger scale.
  • Hawks: They dive down at straight line and often melee characters can’t reach that high. To deal damage it is recommended to select a ranged character.
  • Squirrels: They have two types of attack i.e. they use their tail as a whip and deal horizontal and vertical slash. They have a slow regen rate so if left alone, they can refill their health in no time. Focus one Squirrel at a time similar to as Boar. Fun Fact: They attack forward so quickly running back at their blind spot will stop their attack and they will hop slowly to adjust their field of view.

To quickly defeat Oceanid, is recommended to select Electro or Pyro users to deal heavy damages. A ranged character and a healer is must in your team composition, it will be optimal if you have a character that summons their pet to deal damage such as Fischl, and Xiangling. Oceanid will summon 1 type of animal each in the first two times and then resort on summoning two different sets of animals together for three times.

Defeat Oceanid to collect the sweet rewards contained in the Trounce Blossom. For more guides on Genshin Impact, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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