Genshin Impact- Chi Of Guyun All 3 Fragment Location

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, one of the World Quest “The Chi Of Guyun” can be completed if you recover the secret and collect all the 3 fragments from the Treasure. The most difficult part of the mission is that you will need to solve the puzzle and the statues need to be lit in a specific order. In this guide, we have mentioned where you will get the Fragments and the pattern of the statue puzzle that needs to be activated or interacted.

Chi Of Guyun All 3 Fragment Location In Genshin Impact

After talking with Yan’er, she will explain the terrible situation of the Qingce village. You will need to investigate the Ruin, and as you interact with the Incomplete Writing, it will mention you to check the nearby location where the statue needs to be attended.

The first statue will be nearby where you can see the Orange Crystals. Climb up the platform near the Ruin, from where you can activate the first statue and look around to spot the rest 2 statues which will be near the Orange Crystal.

Now, you will need to navigate back to the marked area as shown in your map, and talk to a little girl named “Little Liu”. Fragment is needed for the inquiry and as you have already collected the first Fragment, you will need to simply navigate all the way to Granny Ruoxin.

Genshin Impact

After that go to the marked location as shown in the image above to collect the Treasure and 2nd Fragment. The difficult part is where you need to activate the statue in certain order i.e. wind-swept ruin, snow capped peak, adepti’s abode, and city of Liyue. There is total of 8 statues and you will need to activate 4 statue. Starting from the Orange Crystal near the tree go right and the number of statues is the Statue you will need to activate i.e. 1 (East),2 (South) ,4 (SW),7 (N-NE).

Note: refer Mini-map for the direction.

Genshin Impact

The third Fragment is located in the marked location as shown in the above image. After reading the Incomplete Writing, you will find another Statue that needs to be activated in specific order i.e. North, South-East, North-West, North-East, South-West. Refer to the mini-map and activate the statue or you can First, climb the step to activate the statue. 2nd statue is Right-Bottom, 3rd Statue is Left-Top, 4th Statue is Right-Top and the final one at the Left-Bottom.

Treasure Location

Once, you have collected all the Fragments, you will need to go to the marked location as shown in the image after talking to Granny. Beside the Waterfall, there will be stairs which you need to enter and advance forward to unlock the gate with the help of the 3 Fragments. Collect the final treasure inside and your mission is over. For more informative guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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