Genshin Impact A Tree Who Stands Alone, Look Around Mingyun Village

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. A Tree who stands alone is a world quest that you will get once you reach the Mingyun Village. Upon completing this quest you will rewarded with a precious treasure chest with lots of rewards inside it.

Genshin Impact Look Around Mingyun Village

It is part of the quest where you need to find some lost notes around the village. After talking to the old man ghost, look back and you will find an abandoned broken house. Inside the house will be a book, with which you need to interact. After finding the lost notes, you will asked to visit four locations and seach for wills.

Genshin Impact A Tree Who Stands Alone

To start this quest, you need to find a billboard with a old man ghost standing next to it. A tree who stands alone is world quest, where you need to find stange wills. Once you have found the lost notes, there will be four yellow circle marked on your map. You need to visit these places and find the lost will.

All the wills will eventually be inside the mines, where you will find a lot of ores too. The mine which will be at the south of the map will be blocked with rocks. You can break those by setting up the explosive barrel beside it.

Once you have collected all the four wills, a location will be marked on the map where you need to go. After reaching there you have to fight some enemies, then go near the tree and you will find a shovel. Interact with the shovel and a precious treasure chest will pop out. After that your quest will completed and you will be rewarded with an achievement called “Trees should bend their roots and shade, For that”.

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