Genshin Impact- Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle Hidden Domain Entrance

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact while exploring the areas or completing the quest, you will stumble around Luhua Pool where you will notice that there is arena type location on the map. Travel there which will allow you to Investigate the button and there you will notice that a barrier is blocking down the hidden Domain Entrance that requires a high level to be accessed. However, you can unlock the Fire elemental puzzle quite early if you choose to lit up specific Totems. In this guide, we have mentioned how to unlock Luhua Pool hidden entrance.

Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle Hidden Domain Entrance In Genshin Impact

Once you activate the puzzle there is a total of 6 totems in which you need to activate three of them. The totem which is located in front of the pillars is the one that needs to be attacked by Pyro users, so in total, you need to activate 3 Totems. The order doesn’t matter simply attack the Totems whch have pillars intact behind.

Once you have activated the Elemental puzzle, it will let you interact with the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula. There you can Explore Sanguine Sky and Moonlit Venturer for a certain reward but the Recommended Party Level required is 60+.

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