Genshin Impact Time And The Wind Quest Guide & Find Wind Orbs

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. Time and the Wind is a hidden quest that will be activated once you interact with the ravaged carving. Check out our previous post on how to reach the secret island?. Upon completing this world quest, you will be rewarded with a lot of items such as primogems, moras, Exp, hero’s wit, and mystic enchantment ore.

Genshin Impact Time And The Wind Walkthrough

After interacting with the ravaged carving, you need to go to the right side to the beach. There you will find a small camp and a big pile of rocks that you need to break. Go back to the broken clock statue and after that set the time between 2AM & 5AM. After setting the time, use your vision to locate the wind orbs.

One orb will be just behind the broken clock statue. After dispersing it with the wind ability, you have to disperse three more wind orbs. Towards the right side of the island near the camp in the water, there will be a floating pillar. Use your vision there to find the orb, after that use ice ability to freeze water and wind ability to disperse the orb.

Beside the broken clock statue you will find a pillar, climb that pillar to find a orb and disperse it. The last orb will be located at the south of the island. The orb will be located on a rock which will be half submereged in water.

Once you have dispered all the wind orbs, go to the middle of the island and use your vision. There you need to use your wind ability to scatter the deposit of wind and fight the main boss “Eye of the storm”. After defeating him, it will escape leaving a trail of wind current. You need to follow this wind current to pursue the eye of the storm. There you will find one more broken clock statue and a camp infront of it. In the camp, you will find a journal to find the eye of the storm.

After finding the journal, set the time between 2AM & 5AM. Then use your vision to find wind orbs and disperse them using wind ability. Once you have disperesd all wind orbs, eye of the storm will appear again. Defeat it once again and then talk to Henry Morton to complete the time and the wind quest and get all the rewards. You will also unlock the achievement “Nothing To Lose But Time“.

Quick Location Of Orbs
  1. Behind The Broken Clock Statue.
  2. Beside the statue will be a pillar, orb will be on top of that.
  3. Right side of the island near the floating pillar.
  4. South side of the island on top of half submereged rock.

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