Phasmophobia- How To Turn Off/On The Car Alarm In Garage


In the Phasmophobia, there are several maps and types of Ghost but few particulars are aggressive and disturb the surroundings. Poltergeist is a common type of ghost who interacts with the surroundings and throw objects or turn on the Car alarm. You can turn off the car alarm as you can interact with the objects and Power Supply Box but for that, you will require a special key.

How To Turn Off/On The Car Alarm In Garage At Phasmophobia

As before entering a House, School, or any vicinity, you will need the Key to open the door. Similarly, there are keys for Car also which Turn the car Alarm On/Off after interaction if you have them in your possession. These Car Key are available in the Houses where the Garage is available. To locate Car Key, you will need to search them inside the Bowl kept on the desk.

If you have obtained the car Key, the Journal will update the Keys you have obtained in this Job and the Car Key would be one of them. The spawns are random, so maybe you can find that early in the Ground Floor desks, Upper Floor Desks, or also maybe in the shelves.

Few of the times the Ghost Turn On the Car alarm which goes on endlessly unless you Turn it Off. It sometimes irks and if you are using Parabolic Microphone to detect the slightest movement or sign in the room nearby, the reading will get busted. You cannot open the door of the car though or else it would have been better to take it out for the ride. For more guides on Phasmophobia, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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