Phasmophobia- How To Enter The Basement Or Unlock The Door


In Phasmophobia there are multiple doors for the rooms in a house but there are specific doors that connect to other floors such as Basement. The Basement Door is locked at the beginning similar to the Main Door of the house. In this guide, we have explained how you can enter the Basement and check for the presence of the Ghost or turn on the Main Power Supply of the house as they spawn randomly on either Basement or Garage.

How To Enter The Basement Or Unlock The Door In Phasmophobia

To enter the House from the Main Door, you will need a Key that will be beside the Keyboard i.e. connected to the Monitor in the truck. Similarly, you can enter the Basement if you find the Basement Key that will be kept on the shelves or in the bowl by their Owner. Pick up the key to check whether you have the correct one in ther Journal as you will also find the Car Key in the House. Once the Journal is updated when you pick up the key, you will be able to open the door and collect the Evidence.

Sometimes Ghosts spawn in the Basement, or the Main Power Supply will need to be attended in the Basement whenever the line is tripped. The ghost can also turn off the Power Supply in order to drain your Sanity and start their Hunting Phase soon. The Basement Key can be found easily when you explore each room and check the desk where the Lamp is kept. You will find a bowl or if the Basement key is not in the bowl then it might be on one of the shelf in a room.

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