Genshin Impact Almond Tofu Location & How To Get Fragile Bone Shards

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. There are various rewards, items, recipes and other things you can collect while exploring the huge map. Some of these rewards are obtained by completing quests and some you can find during your journey scattered all over the map.

Genshin Impact Almond Tofu Recipe Location

To find the almond tofu recipe, first of all, you need to have the Wangshu Inn area unlocked. In the above image, the location of the inn is marked. Once you reach the inn, go down to the kitchen area where you will find a NPC called Smiley Yanxio who will be a chef.

Beside Smiley, you will find a glowing yellow light with which you need to interact to get the recipe. Once you have found the recipe, you can interact with a cooking pot and learn the recipe. The cooking pot can be found in the same room. To cook Almond Tofu the resources you need are 3x Milk, 3x Sugar and 1x Almond. This food item increases the attack of all members by 66-95 for 300 seconds.

Genshin Impact Where To Find Geovishap Hatchlings?

Geovishap Hatchlings are the monster can found near the teleporter of Tianqiu Valley. After defeating the geovishap hatchlings, you will get fragile bone shards that are used to ascend characters level and weapons.

If you already have the Adventure Handbook for Liyue, you can track these monsters by going to the boss menu and it will show you the location on the map. Defeating these monsters can be little tough if you are underlevel due to their heavy armor. You can use the wind ability to toss them and attack their non armor area to deal extra damage.

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