Phasmophobia Server Version Mismatch Error Fix, All Maps & New Maps

PhasmophobiaPhasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. You can play co-op with four other friends. Together find paranormal activity evidence and detect which type of ghost you are dealing with. To play together you need to create a private server and share the code with you friends.

Phasmophobia Server Mismatch Error Fix

When you try to create a private lobby and your friend tries to join in from a different region, the server mismatch error occurs. To fix this issue, the person connecting to the private server should make sure he had set the correct region.

At the right top side of the white board beside the create private lobby, you will find the option to change the server. There is currently 5 server available in this game which are:

  • EU
  • US
  • SA
  • AS
  • AU

If a player with the EU region try to join US server, the server version mismatch error will happen. If you have select the same region but still getting the error, make sure to check if your game is up to date or validate the game file once.

You can also check if you have opted for beta or not. Because if you are in the beta server and your friend is not, you might face the error. To check if you are have opted for beta or not, right click on the game on steam. Click on properties and then go to the Betas tab, there you can check if you playing the beta version.

Phasmophobia All Maps

There is a total of 7 maps currently available in this game. The first 5 of them are small maps that require a member of 1-2 players. The high school is a medium size map and the player required are 3 while the Asylum is the large size map.

  • Ridgeview Street House
  • Edgefield Street House
  • Tanglewood Street
  • Bleasdale Farm House
  • Grafton Farm House
  • Brownstone High School
  • Asylum

Phasmophobia Upcoming Maps

Currently, I only know three maps that are in development and will be added later in the future update. These new map are:

  • Prison Map
  • Apartment Map
  • Mansion Map

The apartment map can be of a few floors and might be medium or large size map. To know about the future updates coming, check out the roadmap HERE.

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