Genshin Impact- Nameless Treasure Location And What You Need To Do

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact when you are in Liyue Harbor and talk to Linlang, Owner of the Xigu Antiques during nighttime after 9:00. He will mention to you about 3 ancient Treasure which combined all together will fetch you a good amount. This task might be tiring and long if you have no idea what you are doing but luckily we have compiled this guide which shows where you can find all the three Nameless Treasure.

Nameless Treasure Location And What You Need To Do In Genshin Impact

There is three Nameless Treasure and they are all placed in three different places. You will need to collect all the Nameless Treasure by solving the elemental puzzle and sell it to the merchant or Owner of Xigu Antiques, Linlang. For your first Nameless Treasure in Genshin Imapct, you can travel to Dunyu Ruins as shown in the image.

Nameless Treasure #1

Genshin Impact

You will notice that there would be a Geo Seal that can be unlocked if you solve or lit 4 Torches with the help of Pyro user. These Totems are fairly close to each other which we have shown in the images below:

Genshin ImpactGenshin ImpactLit FireLit Fire

First the very torch you need to lit would be near the seal, the second would be on the right side of the pillar. The third and fourth torches are below the platform which can be lit in order to unlock the Totem and use Geo ability to unlock the seal. After unlocking the seal, the water will be drained and the Blue Wisp floating high can be directed to the bottom statue.

Rest of the Wisps will be currently found in the ground level following the stairs on both end. One of the Wisp is locked inside a cage which will be freed if you complete the challenge in alotted time. Push or direct the Wisp to the Statue and your first Nameless Treasure will be unlocked.

Nameless Treasure #2

Genshin Impact

Second Nameless Treasure is fairly easy to complete. You will need to go Lingju Pass and defeat all enemies to free the Lady. After defeating them open the Common Chest to collect the Key and release her. She will direct you to the Nameless Treasure 2 that will be buried underneath the giant Golden Tree below. Fly down and Mine the area near the Golden Tree to collect the second Nameless Treasure.

Nameless Treasure #3

Genshin Impact

The final Third Nameless Treasure can be found in the Qingxu Pool as shown in the image of the map above. There you will need to activate 5 seals in order to obtain Nameless Treasure 3. The Tablet where you read about the seals has a Geo seal marked in the ground as shown in the image below. Use your Geo ability to activate it.

First Seal

Once you have activated it you will need to find a similar seal inside the shrine. The Two shrines that is displayed in the image above contains 2 other Seals and the rest 2 Seals are located behind. Activating all the Seals will spawn the Nameless Treasure which can be obtained and finally you can now travel back to Liyue Harbor to meet Linlang and sell the set of Nameless Treasure.

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