Wolf Of The North Genshin Impact Walkthrough Guide

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact there are multiple missions and among them all, a Weekly mission known as “Wolf Of The North” needs to be completed in order to increase Battle Points Level. The location of the Wolf will be marked i.e. in a big arena. However the quest does not start or Wolf will not spawn, there is small criteria to summon Wolf and start the mission which this guide has been compiled for.

Wolf Of The North Genshin Impact Walkthrough Guide

While completing the main story and exploring all the lands you lots have been increasing their Adventure Rank at an alarming rate. These weekly quests require you to reach Adventure Rank 21 and complete Razor’s Act 1 story quest.

Razor’s quest will be unlocked soon as you complete Prologue Archon quest’s Act 3 and Amber’s quest Act 1. Then as soon as Razor’s quest will be available you can complete Act 1 and proceed to begin the Weekly Quest as per the given location.

Weekly and World Boss are way tougher than usual Elite Bosses in the game. Similarly, the Dominator Of Wolves, Andrius, is tough to kill. He will deal Cryo damage at the beginning and as soon as he hits the 50% HP mark, he will start mixing slashes that deal Anemo damage and become aggressive.

The second half of the fight will feel more challenging and once you defeat him the weekly mission can be claimed. However, you can choose to Touch the Trounce Blossom and invest 60 Original Resins for the reward or save them to not open it. It doesn’t matter as the Weekly mission is over but might lose potentially good rewards. For more guide on Genshin Impact, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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