Phasmophobia How To Use Sound, Motion & Infrared Sensors Guide


Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. Sensors are used to detect the presence of a ghost in a room in this game. These sensors are unlocked once you reach level 7-8. Once you have unlocked these sensors occasionally you will get some objective to use these sensors to record the ghost reading. These sensors will work once you have placed them on the walls. After placing the motion and sound sensor go back to your truck to monitor them.

Note: The best way to use these sensors is by letting one teammate buy all the items, while the other teammate will carry these and find the ghosts. The one who bought all the items could stay in the truck or behind other teammates to prevent them from dying by the ghost. Because once you are dead all your items will be lost.

Phasmophobia Sound Senser

Sound sensors are used to detect movement in a certain room. To use a sound sensor, equip it on your hand and stand near a wall to see a hologram of it. Select the best location to place the sensor.

Sound sensor will sense the movement of activity in a whole room. To see the radius of the sound sensor, you can visit your truck and look at the map where you have placed it. In the map, it will show the room in yellow color which will be the radius of the sound sensor.

The sound sensor picks up the sound of your teammates also, so make sure not to wander much in the room where you have placed the sensor. If the sensor picks any sound it will be displayed on the screen beside the map. The room in which you have placed the sensor will also be displayed on the screen.

Phasmophobia Motion Sensor

The motion sensor works in the same way as the sound sensor but has a very small radius. The best location to put this sensor is on the alleyway as the sensor detection range is a straight line.

Once the sensor picks up the motion of the ghost, it will be displayed on the map screen in the truck. All these sensors also pick up the movement and sound of your teammates also. Motion sensor will light up green when passed through the detection range.

Phasmophobia Infrared Sensor

An infrared sensor can be mounted on the wall and will light up once it detects infrared radiation nearby. Place it in the room where you think the ghost is and leave the room. If the sensor keeps lighted up, then there might a possibility of ghost nearby. If three of your teammates carry all the sensors, you can cover up small maps easily, while the one teammate who doesn’t have any items can try to use the spirit box to communicate with the ghost. So even if that teammate dies, there won’t be much loss of the item.

Some people might experience the infrared sensor always staying on, even if no one is around and no ghost presence is detected. This is a bug a few players are experiencing including us in few games. The developers are aware of this bug and are currently being fixed.

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