Phasmophobia Crucifix Objective & How To Use Head Mounted Camera


Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. The crucifix is known as a symbol to suppress demons and paranormal activities. In this game, in the beginning, you will mostly get one of the objectives as to use a crucifix to prevent a ghost from hunting.

The game doesn’t give proper instruction on how to use them so a lot of players are having trouble completing this objective. This game is already spooky enough and trying to find out how a specific item works during a hunting phase can be scary.

Phasmophobia How To Complete Crucifix Objective?

The crucifix can be used only two times and the best way to use the crucifix is to find the room with maximum ghost presence and place the crucifix there. Upon placing the crucifix inside the haunted room, will prevent the ghost from going into the hunting phase.

I have tried to only wave it during the hunting phase which didn’t work at all. Then I have tried to throw the crucifix on the ghost during the hunting phase which did work once but is not recommended. You can place the crucifix on the ground and if it’s in the path of the ghost, it will prevent it from hunting and your objective will be completed.

The devs team shared this how do the crucifixes work?

Crucifixes need to be placed on the ground before an actual hunt starts. For best results, put the crucifix where you think the ghost will start hunting from.

Phasmophobia How To Use Head-Mounted Camera

Head-mounted cameras are unlocked on reach level 8 or 9. This camera is not present on the shelves of the truck when the game starts. You can find this camera hanging beside the keypad which is used to open the back of the truck. You can equip it to use it on your head.

The head-mounted camera doesn’t take space and keyboard players can still hold three items whereas VR players can hold four items. Once you have equipped the camera, your teammates can use the computer present in the truck to monitor the head-mounted camera. If you can’t see on the computer, interact with the mouse to change between different cameras.

Note: I don’t know yet how to unequip the head-mounted camera using a keyboard, will update soon once I figure it out. Till that time if you have any idea on how to unequip the camera using keyboard controls do let us know in the comments.

Credits – Lobo – To unmount the head mounted camera, you need to press F looking at the shelf from where you picked it up, beside the keypad.

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    You can remove the head mounted camera by clicking f on the rack where you grabbed it, this will put it back on the rack, vr-users can just grab it off their heads.

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