Genshin Impact Cecelia Garden Guide How To Unlock It Walkthrough

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. There are various dungeons and domains in the game which you can clear to get rewards. Clearing domains also grants you experience which will increase both your character level and adventure ranks.

Genshin Impact How To Unlock Cecelia Garden?

Cecelia Garden is located on the left side of the town Mondstadt near a place called Wolvendom. In this area, you need to find four spirits and bring them over to the four pillars to activate it and unlock the Cecilia garden.

Cecelia garden is also like other domains and upon clearing it you will be rewarded with resources to upgrade weapons, gold, and experience. Out of these four spirits, three of them can be found nearby and you need to release them from the pillar or save them from enemies. The location of these four spirits are:

  1. The first spirit will be trapped in the pillar with a barrier that you can break with your main character’s wind ability. You can also climb the wall beside the barrier to jump inside it from the top.
  2. Second spirit can be found near a group of enemies that you need to defeat so that it can return the pillar.
  3. For the third spirit, you just need to break the piles of rock congested in one of the pillars and once it broken, the spirit will activate it.
  4. Finding the fourth spirit can be a little tricky, you need to use your vision skill, to locate a pile of rocks towards the northeast side of the pillar. Check the below image for reference, once you find that pile of rock, break it to release the spirit and unlock the Cecelia of the garden.

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